Bpifrance: exceptional measures for companies impacted by Coronavirus

Bpifrance Entreprise

To help companies overcome the economic difficulties linked to the Coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19), Bpifrance is activating a support plan for impacted VSEs and SMEs. They can find out directly about these exceptional measures via this toll-free number: 0 969 370 240.

The support measures set up by Bpifrance :

  • 70% guarantee for liquidity loans granted by French private banks to affected companies;
  • extension of the traditional guarantees for investment loans to support the restructuring carried out by the banks, without management fees;
  • restructuring of medium- and long-term loans for Bpifrance customers, upon request motivated by the context.

All the teams are mobilized, through our fifty regional offices, to support VSEs and SMEs in the crisis they are going through because of the Coronavirus. The tried and tested guarantee system is a massive impact response, which could help them get through this difficult period.

Nicolas Dufourcq

Managing Director of Bpifrance

Toll-free number: 0 969 370 240