Bpifrance will mobilize €2bn per year by 2023 in support of EET

Bpifrance Energie et environnement

On 13 June, at its event organised about the challenges of the energy and ecological transition (EET), Bpifrance announced its intention to intensify its commitment towards EET by mobilising €2bn per year by 2023 as part of its new 2018-2023 strategic plan. €2.8bn have already been mobilised in 2018.

While continuing its activity to include EET in corporate development (co-funding of companies in the sector, specific loans, bank loans, aid and innovation loans, assistance, etc.), Bpifrance has set itself a roadmap for 2023:

  • improve the volume of EET financing, particularly by assisting private stakeholders on the least mature and seldom covered market segments (methanization, marine energy, etc.);
  • in addition to the Eco Energy loan for microenterprises, launch an enticing loan offer to support corporate investment in equipment and technology with a low energy and environmental footprint (target: €500mn in accumulated loans by 2023);
  • consolidate Bpifrance’s role as a reference stakeholder, particularly as regards innovation aid (target of €300mn by 2023) and equity activity in order to accelerate the development of technological solutions contributing towards EET.

Beyond the financial frameworks, and in accordance with its strategic and CSR priorities, Bpifrance systematically takes into account EET considerations in its discussions with companies in which it plans to become a shareholder.