CDC Habitat to launch 40,000 housing units

CDC Habitat Immobilier et logement

Without waiting for the end of the Covid-19 epidemic, CDC Habitat is launching a plan to support the real estate sector via a call for projects for the production of 40,000 housing units. The programs, to be undertaken over the next 12 months, mainly located in tense areas, will include social and intermediate housing.

The plan will focus on:

  • 15,000 new social housing units,
  • 10,000 new intermediate rental units,
  • 15,000 new open rent and affordable rental housing units under contract1 new (and in managed residences).


They will mainly be located in tense areas, and towns involved in the Action Cœur de ville programme may also be concerned.

CDC Habitat will support its partners, developers, builders and planners. The investment plan will involve the CDC Habitat Group, its investment funds2, its subsidiaries3, but also the social housing organizations and semi-public companies with which CDC Habitat has already formed or is in the process of forming partnerships, as part of the CDC Habitat Partenaires network.

We want to provide local responses, in all territories and with the social housing organizations that are members of the CDC Habitat Partenaires network, to housing needs, in order to contribute to the national revival of an economy that is likely to be severely affected. As a subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts and a member of Banque des Territoires, our duty is to support the real estate economy by accelerating the pace at which we provide attractive housing for modest households and the middle classes.

André Yché

Chairman of CDC Habitat Management Board



(1) Or LAC: open, non-intermediate rental housing, but below market rent to meet public housing policy requirements

(2) Managed by its subsidiary Ampère Gestion

(3) CDC Habitat social, Adoma, Sidom, Maisons et Cités