Creation of a major bancassurance group: CNP Assurances Holding

CNP Assurances Groupe La Poste Gouvernance

La Banque Postale and CNP Assurances announced the creation effective 11 April 2023 of a dedicated division bringing together all of the Group’s insurance activities and their legal entities, hosted by CNP Assurances Holding, which is wholly owned by La Banque Postale.

CNP Assurances Holding combines CNP Assurances SA and the four insurance subsidiaries of La Banque Postale (IARD, Healthcare, Personal risk and Advisory).


This operation follows the creation of the major public financial pole, initiated in 2018 with the double merger between La Poste and Caisse des Dépôts on the one hand, and La Banque Postale and CNP Assurances on the other.


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