Digital sector: participating in the creation of ARTE Education

Caisse des Dépôts Banque des Territoires Formation Numérique

A new subsidiary of ARTE has been created: ARTE Education, to boost the development of its Educ'ARTE offer. Caisse des Dépôts, through its Banque des Territoires, operator of the Programme of Investments for the Future (PIA), holds a 33.3% stake in its capital.

What is Educ’ARTE?

  • a digital service on subscription for teachers and students;
  • a video catalogue of over 1,000 audio-visual programmes classed by discipline and school level, available in several languages;
  • innovative educational tools enabling users to personalise ARTE videos and those of its partners*, on all screens.


Close to 1,000 educational institutions, i.e. around 500,000 students and teachers, having already subscribed in France and in Europe, including Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg, where all high schools have subscribed to the offer.

What is ARTE Education for?

In an educational sector in full digital transition, ARTE France would like to step up the development of Educ’ARTE and offer new variants. The aim is to reach European students at all stages in their academic life, from primary school to higher education. At the same time, ARTE France is in discussion with other public audiovisual companies with a view to providing a joint educational offer.

Through ARTE Education, ARTE increases its initiatives targeting young Europeans to enable all students, regardless of their social or geographical origins, to access a common and predominantly cultural knowledge base, in line with the channel’s values.


* France Télévisions, INA, Radio France, Sacem University

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* France Télévisions, INA, Radio France, Sacem Université