Egis to contribute to reconstruction in Ukraine

Egis Infrastructures

Ukrainian government selected Egis, Dassault Systèmes and B4 to mobilize their expertise and experience in 3D virtual technologies, construction and engineering to reconstruct urban areas damaged as the result of the confict with Russia.

The two-phased project approach involves a collaborative reconstruction cost analysis and a master planning exercise in Chernihiv Oblast* and the city of Chernihiv.

Virtual twin technology is at the core of the collaborative project to optimize city infrastructure, resources, sustainability and quality of life for inhabitants.

The project is supported by the French government with a grant from the French Treasury.

Egis has been operating in Ukraine since 1993, working on a variety of private and government funded projects across various sectors such as civil engineering, road and bridge construction, water, urban transport; ports and waterways and energy. Today we run 23 projects in Ukraine that aim to rebuild cities and infrastructure. So the rebuilding of Chernihiv Oblast and the city of Chernihiv will be one more opportunity to bring the company’s global experience to the country such as low carbon and bioclimatic city design, cycle-friendly cities, better public transport and carpooling infrastructure, designing safe, green and hospitable public spaces and other Egis key design principles for smart, sustainable cities.

Laurent Germain, CEO, Egis

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* An Oblast (область) is an administrative unit of the same type as the Region in France.