Egis: a profitable growth in 2018

Egis Mobilité

In 2018 Egis recorded strong economic performances, with the Group’s managed turnover amounting to €1.13 bn, up 7.6%, driven by the strong dynamism of its road operation and building engineering activities. The €28.9mn distributable net profit is also up (+€13.7mn).

Engineering revenue - which has remained stable compared with 2017 - has reached €807mn, of which 30% from railway, 25% from building and 18% from roadways (not including operation). The revenue for construction and operation has recorded a significant increase (+29%), driven by the long-standing markets of road and airport operation.

In 2018, order intake for engineering rose to €839mn, a 15% improvement on 2017, representing over a year of engineering revenue. While the order book represents close to 20 months of revenue, having risen compared to 2017.

International revenue represents 63% of the Egis group’s total activity.


(1) Excluding capital gains from transfers.