I4CE publishes two new studies on climate investment financing

I4CE Finance Energie et environnement

I4CE has just published two studies on climate investment financing. The 1st is a report on Europe's climate investment gap and outlines an investment trajectory for Europe's future. The 2nd seeks to clarify the link between climate risk management and transition financing.

European Climate Investment Deficit report: an investment pathway for Europe’s future

Climate investments in the European Union (EU) economy grew by 9% in 2022. The report finds that the European Green Deal is gaining economic momentum but investments in modernising energy, transport, and buildings must still double for the EU to hit 2030 climate targets.

Access the report on the I4CE website


Connecting the dots between climate risk management and transition finance

The study seeks to objectively clarify to what extent the risk approach could effectively lead to mobilizing private financial institutions to finance the transition.

It focuses on commercial banking institutions and their prudential authorities at the European Union level. It is based on findings from the Finance ClimAct and 4i-Traction projects, as well as on broader research carried out by the authors and references from the literature.

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