Intermediate housing: 15 institutional investors contribute €900mn

CDC Habitat

Immobilier et logement

Ampère Gestion, a subsidiary of CDC Habitat, has just raised more than €900mn from 15 institutional investors to finance its new intermediate housing fund, FLI 2, which will be followed by a second closing in 2019, which will enable FLI to finance the production of more than 11,000 housing units.

Launched in 2014 by CDC Habitat and its subsidiary Ampère Gestion, the first FLI (Intermediate Housing Fund) had an investment capacity of €1.7bn to build 10,000 intermediate housing units. Today this has been entirely invested and has reached all of its objectives. All of its buildings meet the highest environmental standards. FLI 2 is its immediate successor and brings together 15 leading institutional investors, half of which had already invested in the FLI.

With a target size of €2bn, for the total construction of around 11,000 housing units (80% being intermediate housing units and 20% senior or student residences), FLI 2 will aim to support the major planning operations being carried out around the Grand Paris Express network and in the major cities outside of Paris. The aim is to contribute towards rebalancing the renting offer in large metropolises whilst funding an affordable and low-energy consuming housing stock.


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