Covid-19: new Banque des Territoires actions to support French OLSs and EPLs

Caisse des Dépôts

Banque des Territoires is proposing new actions to anticipate the economic problems that its clients - particularly social landlords (French acronym : OLS) and local public enterprises (French acronym :EPL) - may encounter in the context of the current health crisis.

For all Banque des Territoires borrowers, including Social Housing Organisations (French acronym: OLS) and Local Public Enterprises (French acronym: EPL) : 

  • free extension of maturities and response to cash-flow needs, with a new feature for long-term loans: free extension of maturities, on request justifying a loss or a one-off revenue shortfall on the asset financed, linked to the crisis;
  • temporary easing of the contractualisation system and increased use of the Banque des Territoires' Internet platform: the contractualisation process by digital exchanges is temporarily simplified.



All EPLs, clients and non-clients of Banque des Territoires, can now benefit from 100% financing of flash studies, entrusted to Scet, to help formalize projected cash-flow plans and study solutions to end the crisis.

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The EPL clients of Banque des Territoires will benefit from new measures concerning their cash-flow difficulties and from the increased involvement of Banque des Territoires’ managers to support them.