Offshore wind turbines in Dieppe-Le Tréport: la Banque des Territoires’ project comes true

Caisse des Dépôts Banque des Territoires Energie et environnement

On 26 February Eoliennes en mer Dieppe-Le Tréport (EMDT) company , owned by ENGIE, EDPR, Sumitomo Corporation and Banque des Territoires, obtained the necessary prefectoral authorizations to prepare the building of the wind farm and the conduct of subcontracting tenders. A project launched in June 2014 is now coming true.

The offshore wind turbine project in Dieppe-Le Tréport, as well as those on the islands of Yeu and Noirmoutier - also developed by ENGIE, EDPR, Sumitomo Corporation and Banque des Territoires -, will allow for the creation of close to 3,000 direct and indirect jobs during these farms’ construction and operation phases.

By taking part in the development of these wind farms (1 Gigawatt of cumulative power), Banque des Territoires confirms its ambitions on the offshore wind turbine market and its participation towards consolidating a French industrial sector.

The commissioning of these farms will also contribute towards meeting the French renewable energy development objectives for more sustainable and more attractive territories.


La vie du parc éolien en mer de Dieppe et Le Tréport

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