Optical fiber for all with Orange Concessions

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On 5 November, Orange, Banque des Territoires, CNP Assurances and EDF Invest officially launched Orange Concessions. The company, which is 50% owned by Orange and 50% by a consortium including Banque des Territoires, CNP Assurances and EDF Invest, supports local authorities in the digital development of their territory.

Orange Concessions includes 24 Public Initiative Networks (PIN - French acronym RIP for Réseaux d’initiative publique), under contract with local authorities, in Metropolitan France and overseas territories. These networks ultimately represent over 4.5 million households connected to fiber, making Orange Concessions the leading infrastructure operator in rural France.

Orange Concessions supports local authorities with their digital development: it orchestrates the design, construction and management of these fiber networks. It relies on Orange as a leading industrial partner with proven experience and expertise, and markets the networks to all internet service providers (ISP) to offer fiber to their end customers.

The commitment of La Banque des Territoires to Orange Concessions represents an important step as part of its mission to promote fiber connectivity in remote, sparsely populated regions of France.

The target to reach 100% coverage by 2022 set-out in France’s Very High Speed Broadband plan requires the mobilization of everyone. By investing in Orange Concessions alongside CNP Assurances and EDF Invest, La Banque des Territoires continues to fight against regional exclusion, of which the digital divide is one possible cause (…).This is why La Banque des Territoires provides loans or investment support to 80% of French departments for their Very High Speed Broadband projects. Our effort of 1.8 billion euros will bring optical fiber to more than 12 million premises (homes and businesses) by 2025.

Olivier Sichel, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Caisse des Dépôts and Managing Director of La Banque des Territoires

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