Railways: a double hit for Egis in southern Poland

Egis Mobilité

Egis has just signed an agreement t for a double rail project in southern Poland: the upgrading of an existing line and the construction of a new line as part of a major infrastructure modernization program launched by Polskie Linie Kolejowe, the Polish national railway operator.

To modernise pre-existing line no. 104 between Chabowka and Nowy Sącz, the railway and installations need to be improved over 45 km. This will allow passenger trains to circulate at 120 km/h and freight trains to travel at 100 km/h in complete safety using a new signalling system.

New lines no.622 with two electrified tracks between Podłęże and Tymbark and no. 623 between Szczyrzyc and Mszana Dolna, spanning 46 km, will allow passenger trains to run at 160 km/h and freight trains at 120 km/h, using the same signalling system.

These projects will require the construction and reconstruction of over 60 bridges and 16 viaducts, along with the modernisation of 9 trains stations and 13 tunnels over a total of 17.5 km.

Egis and its local partner MGGP will be charged with the functional design of the lines and their detailed conception up until the issuance of necessary building permits. The grouping will also be in charge of environmental issues, of preparing calls for tenders for the works, and monitoring their completion. The conception phase will take 2 and a half years for each line. The works phase is estimated to last 7 years to modernise line 104 and 10 years to construct new line no. 622.