Territoires d’industrie: Banque des Territoires mobilized in favour of reindustrialization

Caisse des Dépôts Banque des Territoires Entreprise

On 5 March in Lyon, on the occasion of the 1st General Assembly of =Territoires d’industrie (Industrial Territories), Banque des Territoires signed with the French State the agreement which describes how it will support the industrial development of the French territories by 2022. This agreement is part of the Territoires d’industrie programme launched by the Prime Minister on 22 November 2018.

Banque des Territoires will support the projects of Territoires d’industrie by mobilising its resources to provide advice, engineering and funding, either directly or through the intermediary of the mandates that its manages on behalf of the State via:

  • €100mn in equity fund investments per year to fund projects;
  • an envelope to co-fund the engineering studies for projects up to 50%;
  • the mobilisation of some funds and tools from the Grand Plan d’investissement (Grand Investment Plan) and the Programme d’investissements d’avenir* (Programme of Investments for the Future).

Banque des Territoires’ long-term savings fund loan offer may also be used to finance Territoires d’industrie projects which fall within the scope of the Action Coeur de Ville programme or of the urban policy neighbourhoods schemes.


For its part, Bpifrance has committed to promoting the access of Territoires d’industrie companies to its funding and support schemes. It will also start experimenting with corporate territorial volunteering (volontariat territorial en entreprise, VTE) which will facilitate the recruitment of young graduates from business and engineering schools in SMEs and intermediate-sized enterprises within Territoires d’industrie


Launched by the Prime Minister during the Conseil national de l’industrie on 22 November 2018, the Territoires d’industrie programme will benefit 136 territories to which over €1.3bn will be directed as a priority, as well as significant human and technical resources. Territoires d’industrie are inter-municipalities or groups of inter-municipalities located in rural areas, peri-urban areas, and small and medium-sized cities. They are also territories with a strong identity and significant industrial know-how, in which all stakeholders, including companies and local authorities are committed towards developing the industry.


* Within the limits allowed for by relevant agreements signed between the State and Caisse des Dépôts.