Transdev reinforces its position as the 2nd major rail operator in Germany

Transdev Mobilité

Transdev Germany has won the €1.5bn tender to extend Bremen's regional train network (Regio S-Bahn). This new agreement follows the €1.5bn previous one concerning the 10 regional S-Bahn RER lines in Hanover won by Transdev in November 2018.

The agreement, which will gradually increase to concern approximately 6.5 million train-kilometres per year* for over 20 million passengers transported, includes the operation of 4 existing regional S-Bahn RER-type train lines around Bremen and the Land of Lower Saxony, as well as two new lines, one to the south near Rotenburg and the other to the North near Wilhelmshaven. Commissioning is planned for December 2021 and the 15-year operating contract will run until December 2036.

The current fleet of 35 trains will be modernised: interior development, Wi-Fi, new traveller information system and energy savings system. Transdev Germany will purchase 16 new trains to increase its fleet to 51 trains for its commissioning in December 2021.



* Train-kilometre: a unit of measure representing the movement of a train over one kilometre