Transdev takes the bus in Fairfax County (USA)

Transdev Mobilité

Le Groupe Transdev a remporté le contrat d’exploitation et de maintenance du réseau de bus du comté de Fairfax en Virginie (Etats-Unis), Fairfax Connector, pour une valeur proche de 400 M€. Il l’exploitera à partir du 1er juillet pour 5 ans*. Par ailleurs, Transdev a cédé à Flixbus son activité de cars longue distance (Eurolines-isilines).

To serve the most populated county in Virginia, in the metropolitan area of Washington D.C., and to transport 30,000 passengers per day on 89 bus lines, Transdev will employ 730 individuals and run over 300 buses. Fairfax Connector, which has been up and running since 1985, is the largest bus network in the State of Virginia.

We will therefore improve our position as a leading bus operator in the East of the United States and particularly around the Washing D.C. capital, both in Virginia and Maryland.

Thierry Mallet

Président-directeur général du Groupe Transdev

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On 2 May, the Transdev group announced that it had sold FlixBus its long-distance coach activity (Eurolines and Isilines) to focus on its public transport and corporate transport activities. Read the press release


* With the option of 10 additional years