Our tasks

Every day, we act in the interest of French people and in the interest of both the largest and smallest regions. We support public policies and work towards economic, social and sustainable development. Serving the public interest means protecting the savings of French people, supporting our economy and making everyday life easier for everyone, especially the most vulnerable.

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Caisse des Dépôts and its subsidiaries represent a public group that serves the public interest and economic development of the country. This group carries out tasks in the public interest that support public policies pursued by the State and local communities. It can also carry out competitive activities.

Article L. 518-1 of the French Monetary and Financial Code, which was modified by the law to modernize the economy adopted in 2008

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Supporting the housing sector

We are the leading financer of social housing and we provide housing to 1 out of 6 French people. We have partnered with social landlords and we support them in their development.

From emergency to middle income public housing, as well as student housing, we offer a wide range of accommodation to meet the needs of many French people.

Faced with a housing shortage in France, we work alongside public authorities and housing stakeholders to increase the production of social and middle-income public housing. As a stakeholder in future housing, we work on large-scale urban projects.


new social housing units
are financed, built or acquired each year.


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Developing regions

Our regions are at the core of our actions and strategy.

To make regions more attractive and competitive and to support stakeholders, we focus our resources on local projects that benefit French people. Through Banque des Territoires, we offer concrete consulting and financing solutions to projects from local authorities, social housing organizations, legal professions and local public companies.

We also forge strategic partnerships with companies and financial actors to develop new regional projects with a significant social and environmental impact.


2.5 million homes connected to super-fast broadband

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The bank that supports the environment

To fight climate change, we are committed to increasing financing for ecological and energy transition projects and we are gradually stopping the financing of projects that will not contribute to limiting global warming to 1.5°C.


7300 MW of renewable energy provided, meeting the ernergy needs of 2.7 million homes.

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Financing businesses

Developing, supporting and financing businesses is one of our priorities. As the leading French institutional investor, we have a stake in the capital of major French companies, as well as in small and medium-sized listed companies. Thanks to our subsidiary Bpifrance, we offer businesses ongoing financing through each step of their development.


More than 600000
French people participated in Bpifrance's french Fab in 2019.

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Supporting the lives of French people

Given that we manage public mandates in the social cohesion field, we are central actors in pension funds in France. Owing to this expertise, we offer innovative schemes to French people and public sector employers to make everyday life easier. As the creator of the public interest platforms to improve the lives of French people, we have created the website Ciclade.fr to research funds originating from inactive contracts or accounts that have been transfered to us. We are also active in the field of professional training and disability, as well as ageing populations.

Furthermore, with our partner La Poste, we are the leading provider of local public services in France.


Partners with 63000 public sector employees.

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Action coeur de ville

Launched in March 2018 by the Ministry for Territorial Cohesion and Relations with local authorities, 222 cities have benefited from Action cœur de ville programme.

This national plan is a response to two ambitions: to improve the living conditions of people living in medium-sized towns and to reinforce their leading role in developing their region. To address the difficulties posed by unattractive areas, run-down housing and a lack of commerce in these 222 cities, and to support these cities in revitalizing their city centers, Banque des Territoires has set aside a budget of €1.7bn over 5 years, (€1bn in equity and €700mn in loans). More than 1,000 projects have already been supported and financed by Banque des Territoires.

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Mon compte formation 

On 21 November 2019, the Ministry for Labour launched the app and new website “Mon compte formation”, developed by our teams and driven by the Department for Pensions and Solidarity.

The development of the project, which lasted 18 months, mobilized dozens of teams and required all of our expertise. This mandate from the Ministry of Labour makes Caisse des Dépôts the new central operator of Mon compte formation. We manage the whole of the service from the creation of the app and the new website to the payment of the organizations that provide the training courses.

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Bpifrance : Loans gueranteed by the State

2020 will have been marked by an unprecedented health crisis. French companies, which are the beating heart of our economy, were the first to be affected. To support them, the State, the French banking federation and Bpifrance introduced a massive and unprecedented scheme worth €300bn in record time. Our subsidiary dedicated to developing companies secured the infrastructure for the State’s guarantee to provide bank loans, all while providing unsecured loans to very small enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, and middle-market enterprises in the country

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