For recovery

We have a plan for revitalizing the French economy: to mobilize and inject more than €26 billion of investment as quickly as possible in order to meet the challenges of the present and the future.
We have already invested €15 billion since September 2020.

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We have a plan for revitalizing the French economy: to mobilize all our expertise and inject more than €26 billion of investment, mainly over the next two years. Today, in response to the crisis, we are acting in all territories to support social cohesion and sustainable development. This is our ambition and the reason for our action!


Éric Lombard
Chief Executive Officer of Caisse des Dépôts





€26 billion of investment mobilized, 59% already committed

Ecological transition


Speed up the transition
to an economy that is neutral
for the climate and biodiversity


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economic development


Favor growth and inclusive
local development


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Social cohesion


Favor the balanced development of territories
and ensure housing for all


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Territorial cohesion and housing


Speed up and modernize
the implementation of social policies


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Finance the ecological transition


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Our priority

Place the environment and the protection of biodiversity at the heart of our action for recovery. Because the long-term firstly means preserving the future and the quality of life of our children.

We see the next world as greener, fairer, more supportive, more human. For us, these are more than just words and we believe that they offer more opportunities than constraints!

Our funding for the ecological transition of territories and companies will represent a total of €40 million in investments and loans. It is the savings of all the French that we are mobilizing to fight global warming.

In concrete terms, we are deploying tools and financing solutions to speed up the energy renovation of buildings, promote renewable energies, rethink sustainable transport, develop the circular economy, support low-carbon economy players, etc.


Prepare the future

Whilst remaining very committed to financing the restoration of biodiversity: we are investing in projects relating to renaturation and adaption to climate change and we systematically ensure that our assets are compatible with requirements for preserving ecosystems.

Our objective : to achieve the carbon neutrality of our portfolios of assets by 2050.


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Angeliques Park Bordeaux





Support economic development


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ALG & You wants to democratize access to edible microalgae. Microalgae are viable alternatives to animal protein.


Notre priorité 

Sauvegarder notre économie, c’est accompagner les entreprises, les financer, les relocaliser pour conserver les emplois et en créer de nouveaux.

Nous avons aidé les entreprises à traverser la crise sanitaire, à travers la mise en place des prêts garantis par l’État (PGE), et en continuant à investir quotidiennement sur les différents marchés pour les soutenir. 

Aujourd’hui, nous les accompagnons au travers de plans sectoriels massifs, et dédiés au secteur du tourisme, ou encore au petit commerce de centre-ville .


Préparer demain

Préparer demain, c’est renforcer les fonds propres des entreprises, quelle que soit leur taille, afin de leur permettre de poursuivre leur activité. Comment ? : en mobilisant nos fonds et en fédérant des investisseurs autour de nous, avec pour unique objectif de relancer notre économie. C’est aussi encourager et faciliter la relocalisation d’entreprises et d’industries sur tous nos territoires.

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Reinforce social cohesion




Our priority

For us, being a committed player for all French people means facilitating their daily lives at all times, in particular those of the most vulnerable.

We design and implement free public interest platforms at the service of all: Mon Compte Formation, PEP’S public employers' platform, Mon Parcours Handicap platform, etc. To improve the professional integration of the disabled and young people, invest in skills and training, and facilitate the management of retirement pensions. In one word: we support the lives of all French people as closely as possible.

Also, for many years, we have supported social and solidarity players and we continue to finance investments in public hospitals, develop telemedicine solutions, and combat medical deserts.


Prepare the future

Tomorrow, our Group will continue and increase this effort to protect our human capital even further: by modernizing reception and care for the elderly, supporting work on the "5th risk" (dependency risk), supporting and accompanying the health sector, and developing the service offering for the most vulnerable.


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A sewing workshop organized at Les Violennes residence for the elderly in Bussy-Saint-Georges (77)





Act in favour of territorial cohesion and housing


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A 58,000 m2 real estate project which aims to set an example in terms of sustainable development.


Our priority

Transform French people's savings to support the development of territories and finance housing for all, thus driving a key sector of our economy.

Your savings are useful in two respects: they help to finance the construction of housing and their renovation throughout the territory and are an incredible force for growth !


Prepare the future

To ensure that everyone can benefit from housing, we participate actively in the effort to revitalize production and we have launched a call for projects to build 40,000 social and intermediary housing units via our subsidiary CDC Habitat.

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