Banque des Territoires and Bpifrance deploy a Climate Plan worth nearly €40bn

Banque des Territoires




On 9 September, Banque des Territoires and Bpifrance (Caisse des Dépôts Group) launched a joint Climate Plan worth nearly €40bn for the period 2020-2024. This plan is intended both for the green transition projects of companies and public players in the regions.

The three pillars of the Plan:

  • Accelerating the transition of companies and regions with financial and support solutions: €20bn;
  • Supporting the development of renewable energy and contributing to the growth of international champions: €14.5bn;
  • Massively financing and supporting innovation in greentechs and in sustainable and resilient networks to find technological solutions for ecological and energy transition: €5bn.

By accelerating the environmental transition of companies and regions, the Climate Plan of Banque des Territoires and Bpifrance is part of the government's "France Relance" recovery plan and will thus contribute to economic recovery.


This €40bn Climate Plan shows our Group's commitment to the ecological and energy transition in all the regions (...). Through this approach, our ambition is to help create a real trigger effect at the local level on the decision to invest in ecological and energy transition.

Olivier Sichel, Managing Director of Banque des Territoires

The Climate Plan's exceptional endowment will enable Bpifrance to be an actor of transformation and drive companies towards environmental and ecological transition technologies (...). Companies will find in this plan all the operational answers to their needs, regardless of their current level of commitment to this transition.

Nicolas Dufourcq, Managing Director of Bpifrance

To discover the Climate Plan in detail, read the press release (in French)



A few examples: over the next 5 years, Banque des Territoires will grant €10bn in loans for renovating social housing, mainly for energy efficiency. Bpifrance will offer industrial companies the Green Loan, up to €1.5bn. Banque des Territoires will invest €900m over 5 years in renewable energy production infrastructures, including €40m for the production of green hydrogen. Bpifrance will mobilize €2.5bn to support the emergence and growth of greentechs.