A European Alliance for Sustainable and Inclusive Social Housing

Banque des Territoires Immobilier et logement

On 15 September, Union sociale pour l'habitat (USH), Banque des Territoires, the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) signed a partnership agreement to facilitate access to European funding for French social housing organizations.

A joint declaration was signed during the "HLM, acteurs de la relance" day organized on 15 September 15 Paris by USH and Banque des Territoires. This partnership is part of the implementation of the Investment Pact signed on 25 April 2019 in Paris by all French social housing players.

The European Alliance for Sustainable and Inclusive Social Housing in France affirms the central role of Banque des Territoires in mobilizing the resources of the CEB and the EIB for the benefit of investment in social housing. The aim is to ensure that French social housing operators have simple, fair and consistent access to European funding, open to all investment projects, regardless of their size and location.

EIB and CEB financing will make a major contribution to the fight against climate change, as well as to social inclusion and support for vulnerable populations.

This partnership also forms part of the implementation of the European Union's Economic Recovery Plan and the buildings thermal renovation wave of the Green Deal launched at the initiative of the European Commission.


Read the press release (in French)