Bpifrance: the state-guaranteed loan, a cash airlift to companies


On 24 March, all the professional networks of the FBF1 banks launched with Bpifrance a new mechanism enabling the State to guarantee €300bn in loans for companies affected by the crisis due to Covid-19. On 24 March, Bpifrance published an attributable net profit of €1,004mn.

State-guaranteed loan: €300bn to support companies impacted by Covid-19

This state-guaranteed loan is intended to protect French companies from the slowdown in activity caused by the coronavirus health crisis thanks to a massive and unprecedented scheme. The amount may reach up to 3 months of the company's 2019 turnover, or 2 years of payroll for innovative companies or companies created since January 2019. No repayment will be required in the first year, and the company may choose to amortize the loan over a maximum period of 5 years.

The banks are committed to reviewing all applications and providing a quick response. They undertake to distribute the state-guaranteed loans on a massive scale, at cost price, to support the cashflow of companies and professionals without delay.

Until 31 December, companies of all sizes, whatever their legal form2 , with the exception of non-trading property companies, credit institutions and finance companies, can apply to their usual bank for a State-guaranteed loan to support their cashflow. 

Bpifrance is contributing to the cash bridge to companies by providing the infrastructure for the State guarantee for bank loans to the French economy, as well as by granting unsecured loans to the country's VSEs, SMEs and ETIs.

Nicolas Dufourcq

Chief Executive Officer of Bpifrance

A strong result that allows Bpifrance to fully play its role as a major player i


For Bpifrance, 2019 was a year of deep renewal, with the Bank now adressing new types of customers (researchers, business owners, local entrepreneurs, sovereign funds). With an attributable net profit of €1,004mn, Bpifrance shows again a strong financial performance (...). Bpifrance is well-resourced to play its part as a leading bank in the crisis situation we have been experiencing since the beginning of the Coronavirus epidemic (Covid-19).

Nicolas Dufourcq

Chief Executive Officer of Bpifrance


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(1) French Banking Federation

(2) Including: companies, merchants, craftsmen, farmers, liberal professions, micro-entrepreneurs, associations and foundations with economic activity.