Tourism, SSE, innovation, legal professions: new anti-crisis actions

Caisse des Dépôts Banque des Territoires Territoires

Banque des Territoires is going on setting its emergency plan to anticipate the economic problems caused by the Covid-19 epidemic, targeting in particular the tourism, transport and SSE companies in its portfolio, as well as the legal professions.

For businesses, Banque des Territoires provides current account advances based on cash-flow requirements.

Companies in the real estate and tourism sector will be able to benefit from the release of an additional €50mn in guarantees for VSEs and SMEs eligible for the Bpifrance Tourism Loan. On request, the 2020 rents received by real estate companies may be deferred.

As regards the social and solidarity economy (SSE) sector, the maturities of the next 6 months for interest-free loans (Nacre scheme) will be automatically postponed, as well as, on request, the repayment deadlines for the SSE PIA loans. The payment of grants to the winners of the Pionniers French impact programme and to associative partners will be accelerated. Finally, support for France Active will be strengthened.

The payment of grants to companies (particularly SMEs and start-ups), as part of the Innovation Territories and City of Tomorrow actions of the Program of Investment for the Future (French acronym: PIA) will be accelerated.

The legal professions will be able, at their request, to have their loan maturities for loans taken out with Banque des Territoires postponed by 6 months at no cost. Clients will be able to obtain an overdraft authorization or a loan to meet cash-flow requirements.


Banque des Territoires goes on providing financing to local authorities, thus protecting them from market fluctuations. To date, it has a budget of €12bn that can be mobilised in long-term loans for their investments, including €6.5bn for sustainable regional development (Mobi loan, Edu loan, GPI Ambre and Aqua loan) and €5.5bn for investments by local authorities and satellites.