Covid-19: evaluate your symptoms and be directed via a website developed with Docaposte

Groupe La Poste Numérique

Docaposte, a subsidiary of La Poste Group, is contributing its digital expertise to the development of website. Developed to help reduce the pressure on the 15 emergency phone number and emergency services, it allows users to carry out a free self-assessment of their symptoms and benefit from appropriate recommendations for guidance.

Launched in just a few days, this public interest initiative is led by Alliance Digitale contre le Covid-19, a consortium of digital and e-health players: Kelindi, Dernier Cri, Docaposte, with the support of Allianz France and De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés. New partners are likely to join Alliance.

The objective: supporting the greatest number of people who feel concerned, to reduce their anxiety and to enable better management of serious cases. In a few minutes, the user answers about fifteen questions about his health history and the symptoms he is experiencing. At the end of the questionnaire, the website provides recommendations developed in a neutral manner using an algorithm validated by a scientific committee.

The system makes it possible to provide a response to the risk of saturation of the emergency services. The public can thus :

  • be offered advice on how to find a way adapted to their situation: teleconsultation, town medicine or by calling 15;
  • have a reminder of important instructions;
  • be informed about the possibilities of teleconsultation;
  • have the latest scientific information on the same site.

Particular attention is paid to the privacy of users and the security of the data entered in the application. The test is anonymous and free of charge.

Non-nominative data will be made available to Institut Pasteur for epidemiological study purposes in order to better analyse the evolution of the disease and its symptoms, improve knowledge of the coronavirus and speed up the search for treatment.

The data will be stored in the strictest respect for security, confidentiality and the regulations in force in the data centers set and operated in France by Docaposte. The digital subsidiary of La Poste is also the leading French health data host in France. Through its position as a trusted digital third party, Docaposte makes it possible to federate a large ecosystem of players around this action of public interest.

Read the press release (in French)