Coronavirus: Banque des Territoires takes exceptional measures

Caisse des Dépôts Banque des Territoires

As of 20 March, Banque des Territoires is setting an emergency plan for its clients to anticipate the economic difficulties caused by the current health crisis. It is already implementing three exceptional measures aimed at the legal professions and social housing organisations.

Other measures will be announced during 23 March week for all of its clients (including local authorities, local public companies, players in the social and solidarity economy and businesses).

Without waiting, we must strike quickly and hard. We are demonstrating maximum flexibility. The aim: sending fuel to our customers.

Olivier Sichel

Director of Banque des Territoires

n exceptional €500mn cash budget has been set up for the legal professions, in particular notaries.

For social housing organisations, Banque des Territoires makes easy access to the €2bn cash line designed in 2018 to support social landlords in the event of financial tensions.

It is massively implementing digital services to make loan applications, payments and signatures more fluid.

The details and implementation of all these exceptional measures are available on the Banque des Territoires website - Legal Professions Access – Social Housing Access (in French).