SFIL: a historic 2021 result and an ambitious new strategic plan


Energie et environnement

For 2021, SFIL posted the best financial results in its history. This performance shows the relevance of its model and its role as the leading financier of the French local public sector and refinancer of major export credit contracts. Supporting the recovery plans and the challenges of energy and climate change are at the heart of its new strategic plan.

SFIL announces its best ever financial results for 2021 and a significant improvement from 2020, which had already demonstrated the Group’s great resilience and the strength of its business model in the context of the Covid-19 health crisis.

Consolidated net income, established according to IFRS, was €76m in 2021 (compared with €44m in 2020), the cost/income ratio was 52% (63% in 2020) and the CET1 solvency ratio was 34.6% (29.4% in 2020).

At the same time, all risk metrics  - arrears, Stage 3 financial assets and non-performing exposures -  fell sharply to the lowest levels since SFIL’s creation, illustrating the financial strength of its public sector customers in a post-crisis environment.

By publishing today the best financial results in its short history, SFIL shows itself to be more than ever the key ally of local government entities, public hospitals and major French exporters in speeding up their transition to a low-carbon economy. Our new strategic plan #Objectif2026 enables SFIL to capture all the opportunities related to these major transformation challenges.

Philippe Mills, SFIL’s CEO